AngelTalk is an augmentative and alternative communication(AAC) app for children with Angelman syndrome(AS) and their caregivers. Most children with AS do not acquire functional speech due to some genetic problems. AngelTalk helps the children and caregivers communicate more easily and efficiently as a non-verbal communication tool.

Because most children with AS cannot speak along with having a very short attention span, we had great difficulty in finding their needs and validating functions of our application. The only possible way was observation which took a lot of time and great effort, but even that often ended up with failure.

As a non-verbal communication tool, we decided to use flash cards. Each flash card contains a photo of the real-life object. The children can see only one flash card at a time, and these flash cards are placed on the lock screen of the mobile-device. That is because we found that children with AS have difficulty in understanding the meaning of symbols or signs, and they get easily distracted when they face more than two cards simultaneously. Moreover, whenever handling mobile-devices, they are obsessed by other stops.

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