Accompanying photographer Andreas Mühe’s retrospective entitled »Pathos als Distanz« (Pathos as Distance) at Deichtorhallen Hamburg, publishing house Kehrer is releasing the exhibition catalogue, available in both a German and an English edition. Using only a few subtle design elements, the photobook juxtaposes Mühe’s works with extracts from Florian Illies’ book »1913«. The result is an ever-surprising, edgy visual composition that draws on the interplay between imagery and text, adding a new rhythm to both and allowing for novel perspectives and readings. Mühe’s renowned photo series on the subject of German history and the gestures and forms of human expression are broken up and newly charged with the multi-layered historical references contained in Illies’ texts. In order for this impressive contextualization to come to full effect, biographical notes, greetings, installation views and photo titles are purposefully confined to the compact information section at the end of the book.

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