Aker is a smart precision-agriculture crop-monitoring platform using UAV (drones) to help farmers keep every plant healthy on a massive scale.

Agriculture is a conservative field of business, so it is very important that innovations are as user-friendly as possible. That’s why Aker approached us to conceive and build their logo, identity and digital product portfolio.

After mapping the possible service-, user- and task flows within the product, we designed an interface centered around the map; the central place in which Aker’s intelligence shines through. Providing a visual and spatial way of orienting, the map allows navigating to farms and fields, as well as viewing core analyses.

The dashboard guides the use to the fields that need the most attention. Using the same principles, we designed an app that can also be used offline, as many fields are secluded and have no reception.

We further enabled Aker to innovate the agricultural sector through new technology. With the launch of the brand and product suite, Aker secured funding from prominent investors and a global agriculture business.
Unfortunately due to the NDA we can’t give you access to the online product.

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