Haneda Airport in Tokyo needed to unify and motivate its 6,500 employees. We realized that every employee is a hero because they all come together to create a single, beautifully functioning airport.

We took this idea of revealing and celebrating the hidden and made each employee both larger than life and part of a team. We created internal materials and activities to show that people are the heart of Haneda, and that an airport is only great because its employees are great. We photographed each employee in their work uniform, giving a typical gesture of their working day. We then placed the images against colored backgrounds that emphasized their character and humanity. We used the results to create swap cards that enabled employees to interact and bond with colleagues in other roles. They can experience the fun of trying to collect a complete set, and matching them to posters arranged all over the terminal. 

By removing internal barriers, we brought a sense of togetherness and pride to employees and catapulted Haneda to the #2 position on SKYTRAX in 2017 (behind Singapore). Our promotion positioned Haneda as the perfect place to welcome visitors to the 2020 Olympic games.

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