agenda design is the print magazine of the German Alliance of Designers (AGD), published twice a year. Its in-depth and pensive contributions from such authors as Harald Welzer, Elvia Wilk, Holm Friebe and Birgit Bauer provide a much-needed counterweight of reflection to the daily barrage of online newsflashes. Each edition is dedicated to an overarching topic at the intersection of design, technology and society, discussing it both in terms of content and design. We also present the work of outstanding designers from among the German Alliance of Designers.

Our edition 2 discusses “Borders”, both in the concrete and in the figurative sense: We reflect on whether the idea that design will improve the world is indeed living up to its promise in times of the refugee crisis; how an abstract line on a map can turn into the hard-metal infrastructure of a border installation and how it could be designed more humanely; and the utopian potential that artificial islands hold for designers.

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