‘Aftertaste’ is a grilled eel production brand that upholds the spirit of sincerity and faith, adopted in its development of the purest flavor of eel, expanding to its packaging.
To be honest to the earth, the packaging employs simplicity. By using a single piece as its entire packaging, it compacts the use of material; by using thicker craft paper, which thickness can withstand moisture as the frozen eel defrosts, it eliminates the use of unrecyclable wax coating for a more environmental-friendly strategy.
In order to accommodate different sizes of products, the handle of the package has been curved and thickened to tolerate up to 1kg of weight.
The concept of sustainable packaging has also been implemented in the visual design. Inspired by the inheritance of culture, hand drawing and calligraphy has been combined to illustrate a pattern that mimics the texture of eel. As an approach to reduce the use of chemical ink, the traditional method of embossing has been utilized to create a shadow effect that performs the gesture of a swimming eel.
From the earth to her culture, the Taiwanese agricultural production shall exist along the march of time. Through the language of design

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