Let Textbook Become a “Art Museum” to kids
In Taiwan, kids go to the art museum “less than one time” in few years on average but Taiwan’s kids will be spending over 24,000 hours with “textbooks” in school.
Hence, we decided to begin the revolution with the textbooks. With more abundant aesthetic experience, textbooks were deliberately designed with each different painting, visual composition, colors, and interactions in different lessons.
We hope these school “textbooks” can be transformed into “art museums” put in kids’ school packs. Under the circumstances of not adding more studying burdens, children can meanwhile have aesthetic education.

Excellent Design Brings Excellent Functions
Furthermore, after teachers’ teaching experiment with our textbooks, we adopt their advice and make them much more pragmatic. Getting so much help from teachers, our designed textbooks let students study easier.
Almost 200 school teachers currently have teaching experiments with our textbooks. We have distributed over 10,000 textbooks. Based on our survey, 98.7% of teachers thinks these re-designed textbooks let their students get more involved in class and love the courses.

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