The 2017 programme for the city’s largest theatre, Aarhus Teater, is designed to surprise you – just like the theatre itself. Throughout the programme surprises are hidden, which provokes and urges the reader to rethink everything and experience it in a new light.

Unfolded the publication has an impressive length of almost one meter and is a complimentary handout to all citizens. It can be found at various cafes, restaurants as well as other public places and everyone is invited to take the programme home to adorn their living room.

A crucial design element in the programme is the custom-made typeface, which frames the theater’s soul by being dramatic, entertaining and fascinating. The typeface gives the theatre a clear communicator and links the various and diverse theatre performances to Aarhus Teater with cross media synergies.

The programme is classic without being boring. It’s modern without being minimalistic. And it demands attention with its spectacular neon and fluorescent pantone 811, which is a color that does not go unnoticed.

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