‘A Pump’ is anchored within the history of Grundfos. It explains how the founder, Poul Due Jensen, started the company back in 1945 and it shows examples of milestones achieved along the company’s historical life span of 72 years in the pump business.

‘A Pump’ is developed and produced by M2Film in cooperation with Communication and Marketing departments. Together they have tried to make sure that the movie manages to reach all the stakeholders and at the same time avoid the classic pitfalls in a corporate movie. At M2Film the director of the movie Stinus Morell Vinther says – maybe a little surprising – that it wasn’t that hard to make the movie:

“In a lot of modern corporate projects a big part of the job is to create the story of a company. The message and the emotions in the movie can therefore often seem constructed – maybe because they are. There was no need for that in this case. The core story in Grundfos was in itself so strong and clean that we could use all of our energy to find the right angle and the grasp that in an authentic manner showed the good already existing story.”

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