Over the past 500 years in Taiwan, the integration of different cultural groups has brought about many changes. These changes have diversified Taiwanese people’s lives and cultures, and also allowed us to inherit the wisdom of all these cultures. The inherited culture has integrated with our daily lives, giving it value and life.

We have separated Taiwan’s history into 7 time periods according to the changes in cultural groups. The 7 periods are: Prehistory, Age of Discovery, Dutch Formosa, Kingdom of Tungning, Qing Rule, Japanese Rule, and Republic of China Rule, with the changes brought about by each cultural group introduced through the eyes of a plebeian, and collected into an exclusive historical collection.

We hope to produce a book different to the history books commonly seen, not only can it be admired as an artwork, it also has an educational factor.

The art style is a faux wood engraving using digital art.

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