Space Suggestions and Flow of Movement Layout

The focus for the planning of space is to increase the overall height and the fluidity of the space, layering the discontinuous pieces of walls to establish the areas for the uses and experiences of the movement paths. The multiple stacking of walls changes the overall axis, transforming the originally flat space planning into a three-dimensional space.

Recombined Elements

A wide range of transformations and the perimeters of the space are used to reinforce the concepts of interior architecture. The elements of the walls in the original interior space are recombined, while layered units transform the ceiling to imaginatively utilize the height of the original space. The varying distances between the planes extend the framework of the three dimensional space. Commutable frames are formed in the exhibit space where the main focus is the lighting fixture, as well as a part of the experience of the space.

Exhibit Ambiance

Dark-colored woods and marbles are used for the overall tone and lighting in the hope to establish steadiness and calmness in the environment, making lighting fixtures the focus of the space.

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