Brand Story
88BREAD is a Danish pastry brand, opened in 2017 at Garosugil, Seoul. The name of 88BREAD carries various values of the brand: genuine ingredients, 88 layers of bread, 8 hours of bread making, and passion to make 88 flavors. 88BREAD is not simply a pastry brand but seeks beyond bread, embracing life, design and art.

88BREAD BI, Symbol & Graphic Motif
The graphic brand identity embraces the brand values of authentic artisan, unique variety, and emotional taste and touch. 88BREAD basic logo type is designed to give a simple and genuine look. Its main symbol is a turtle; not only a section of the bread resembles a turtle shell but also carries meanings of longevity and slow life. The main graphic motif pattern that was applied to tissue paper and cup holder comes from ‘88B’.

88BREAD Package Design & Application Design
There are 10 different flavors and we designed 10 patterns that matches with each flavor. The patterns embody mixture of artistic touch to extends pleasure from taste to emotion. Application design spans from coffee cup, holder, plastic bag, sticker, tissue paper, business card to tag, embracing into a strong and unique brand identity.

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