Martin et Karczinski’s client list is growing and so is the agency. Because of that, new employees are needed. The problem: great consultants, highly competent staff for client services and extraordinary designers are nowadays a scarce commodity. That makes employer branding a must for agencies.
The idea and implementation for this unique project came from within the agency: The employees, their stories and what connects them to the agency were turned into highly aesthetic films. A heartfelt, congenial offer to identify with the people of Martin et Karczinski – and to apply for one of the open positions.
These employer branding films (»60 seconds Martin et Karczinski«) are the heart of the campaign – and were placed in different places all over the internet, in the style of a growth hacking campaign. The reactions were overwhelmingly positive; not only the employees elated but also the feedback that came from outside was terrific.

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