The Danish National School of Performing Arts (DDSKS) was established in 2015, when six state-funded higher performing arts institutions were merged. DDSKS needed a clear visual identity that would brand the school as one unified institution, but also work as a creative tool for the school’s six new departments.

The school’s educations are highly diverse, but all have the stage as a common reference, making it the perfect unifying element in the new identity. In all its simplicity, the identity visualizes the stage and whatever may be present on it.

A key element of the identity is the sharp horizontal line, representing the edge of the stage. The logo type and display graphics are flexible in shape and size – creating associations to movement, creative expression and stage lighting – but always stand in direct relation to the stage, by being fully or partially cut by the sharp horizontal line.

The result is a visual identity, that is very tight and very free at the same time. It ties DDSKS together in an easily recognizable brand, but also allows the single departments the freedom and space to express themselves individually.

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