The book was published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lotte Confectionery, which was founded in 1967. It consists of Vol. 1 Lotte Confectionery’s Sweet Story with interesting stories about the company and Vol. 2 50 Years of Lotte Confectionery with the company’s history that has played a leading role in Korea’s confectionery industry. Vol. 1 has exciting stories around Lotte’s major brands that are legendary names in Korea. It shows Lotte’s success in researching, developing, and releasing new products. In addition, Vol. 2 contains the history of Lotte Confectionery as a general confectionery company from 1967 to 2017 in chronological order. We produced both the story book and history book to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary together with customers. This is a company history book that reveals various aspects of Lotte Confectionery that is rapidly growing as a global food supplier, guaranteeing the tastiest and safest products for customers.

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