When it comes to sheer adhesiveness, nothing sticks with you as immediately and lasting as the melody of a classic pop hit song, or so called “earworm”. That’s why we took the hooks of three of the catchiest tunes ever, and put them on numerous billboard sites across Hong Kong. This way, each billboard showed 3M’s sticking power in a unique way that’s as simple as memorable.

3M Extra Heavy Duty Duct Tape is used by DIY-enthusiasts, professionals, and artists alike. An outdoor campaign with it’s high public visibility promised to fullfill best the need to reach the broad target demographic while being very cost efficient at the same time. Integrating the product itself into the visual execution of the campaign offers the opportunity to further strengthen the message and uniqueness of the approach.

Australian tape artist Buff Diss, one of the world’s leading tape-artists, hand-lettered each billboard on-site, using real 3M duct tape. Where possible, the actual tape rolls used for the taping where finally stuck to the billboard as a “live” pack shot.

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