The seal ‘PAYO’ makes you beautifully remember a place where names exist.

We have used a seal when opening a bank account or making a contract in the past.

Now, digital signature or biometrics starts to substitute the role in our life.

Standing against the vanishing culture of a seal, ‘PAYO’ will be a stunning seal brand which reinterprets old traditional seals with a modern sensibility.

‘PAYO’ is made under the cooperation between seal masters and modern sensual art directors.

You can choose own uniquely designed PAYO which matches with your sensibility, just by choosing the surface design directors designed for you.

After the design selection, the PAYO master will carve your name with elaborate handcraft and you can meet the ‘PAYO’ which have never seen anywhere in the world.

In this way, PAYO will be a gorgeous collaboration between a seal master and art director. Finding new possibilities in our vanishing seal culture, the PAYO would be the greatest item that will make you remember beautifully a place where names exist.

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