Villagers in Minjian Township of Nantou County call him Mr. Papaya that embodies his simple and good-natured characters as well as a sense of human touch. In response to the place of origin and “Papaya Tauke” named by fruit farmers, local villagers have interacted with this simple fruit. Consumers’ smile of mellowness is a gift brought by local farmers’ friendly lands.
As one of fruits known for its high nutritional value, papaya is one “good fruit increasing breast milk” that can improve milk flow in new moms. The design of this supplement gift set manifests itself at its expression of cradle gift-set shape and image of symbolizing a newborn baby to celebrate a mother giving birth.
Green papaya salad made with green papaya is named “fruit salad” that its package is characterized with a revolution structure to achieve light, environmental-friendly and protection effects of the package.

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