This is a partition to create a location for people to form a line in a designated location. Although what constitutes indoor and outdoor can be somewhat ambiguous, despite growing interest and demand for open air and outdoor spaces, the existing specifications only allowed for using the belt partition indoors. For that reason we decided to provide the freedom to design more outdoor space by developing a partition suitable for outdoor use. In addition to the new application and development of belt partitions with high-quality weather-resistant resin, high-quality corrosion-resistant metal, and unprecedented outdoor-use water-repellant/weather-resistant/wear-resistant belts, the pole is embedded in a shell flange in the ground, and we have implemented a barrier-free system by employing a detachable system that uses poles with shell flanges embedded in the ground. Additionally, we’ve produced an attractive unit with a flat, even, protrusion-free design, so that clothing won’t get snagged on it. We provide products that make it possible for you to make abundant use of outdoor space, because we wish for you to be able to enjoy a variety of fun outdoor activities.

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