IRYS system by Clestra is a new innovative interpretation of the free-standing cube, creating new dimensions for contemporary office landscapes. IRYS offers a wide range of workspace environments, from fully functional workstations and break-out-rooms to communication- and meeting-areas, not depending on the existing building structure. IRYS’ design is based on the so-called ‘Bridge’, which serves as the backbone of the system in terms of formal appearance, construction and technical equipment. The ‘Bridge’ consists of modules in different shapes and sizes, which can be configured in a multitude of scenarios of open and closed spaces. The ceiling of the ‘Bridge’ is designed as a planar, acoustically effective luminous ceiling also providing integrated air transfer. The walls can be furnished on their in- and outsides with sound-absorbing panels, storage modules and easy-to-use integrated media technology. IRYS interacts with its surrounding space both creating and defining it at the same time. The design of IRYS is refined and puristic showing high end quality in details. The IRYS system offers a huge variety of materials and finishes and of course can also be customized on demand.

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