Considering the design of individual life and working areas, wool felt is an ideal material: it optically separates open office and living environment, absorbs noise and improves acoustics. As it is a high-quality natural material of 100% pure new wool, it also has positive impacts on the room atmosphere.

In 2016 HEY-SIGN extended the room divider range WAVE by wall, room and table modules by which individual areas can be separated optically and protected acoustically. 3 mm strong wool felt is strung together like waves. Almost ten linear meters of felt per element are in use which intensifies the sound-absorbing effect.

As with all models of this range, the frames are almost completely covered with felt and are therefore hardly visible; the focus is on the materiality of the wave-like manufactured felt. For the realisation 50 HEY-SIGN colours can be taken into consideration.

By extending the series Wave HEY-SIGN shows the great design and acoustic options of wool felt as a natural material for the world of interior design.

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