Stafi is a standing or height adjustable desk for the “fit your learning posture” concept ideal for active learning. Active learning is not one-way broadcasting of knowledge from the teacher but proactive, collaborative learning where students themselves discover issues and find answers. Table top height adjusts to different body types and postures to match all kinds of active learning situations including listening, writing, discussing and presentations. Stafit tabletop adjusts to an ideal height to match all kinds of learning scenarios. It reaches standard heights of course for jobs done while standing where the user’s arms are perpendicular to the tabletop surface. But other positions include slightly lower heights for easily operating tablets and high positions for PC work. Using the high stool lets the user take a half-standing or perching position for smoothly shifting from a sitting to standing position or take a normal sitting posture with legs resting on the stool step. Caster rollers on the desk legs make it easy to move so classroom layouts can be easily changed to match the learning scenario.

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