The Q-Panel in the aixFOAM architect line range impresses through because it perfectly combines optimal sound and pure elegance. As highly effective sound absorber, it is not just extremely versatile from an acoustic point of view; it can also be used as a decorative and visually attractive design element. The sound-absorbing core is wrapped in a highly reflective yet unobtrusive stainless steel gauze, and this appealing surface and the Q-Panel’s stylish shape allow the product to be displayed in many different environments. In entrance halls it serves as a sound-absorbing element, above work desks and conference tables it catches unwelcome background noise, and in living rooms it can be used as a vivid abstract picture with acoustic effects to decorate a wall.

The delicately finished aluminium case has more than one role, because in addition to enabling the panel to be attached to a surface, it performs sound functions. The acoustic foam it is distinguished by an unusual ability to absorb low, medium and high frequencies very efficiently.

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