Ollin is indicative of our unique and effective approach to design. By looking at what doesn’t exist, rather than improving on what does, Ollin continues our legacy in ground-breaking innovation and industry firsts.

Before Ollin, 30% of monitors on the market couldn’t be supported by current dynamic monitor
arm technology, and no one arm could support the full screen weight spectrum. Ollin changes this. With the ability to support weights from 0 up to 9kg, Ollin is the ideal solution to move with the trend towards lighter screens and increasingly more mobile technology.

This is all thanks to the revolutionary new technical cord which sits at the centre of Ollin’s
design, representing a world first in monitor arm technology.

Our new technical cord gives Ollin smooth articulation and responsive movement providing the user with fingertip control of their screen. This ease of adjustment naturally invites better posture: because it’s so easy to move the screen to exactly the right position, users do so without even noticing. This in turn decreases work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), and makes interaction with technology and others a more naturally flowing process.

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