The team at Do Company care about how people work and connect with each other in a rapidly changing professional world. So nook has been created to make work and meetings more human, more enjoyable and more powerful. And to make these benefits affordable to all.

Open offices are undergoing profound and necessary change. The tools which enable these changes best will form the most effective environments, bringing the best out of us.

nook – an agile, quiet, work & meeting pod – designed to be simple, appealing, adaptable, and affordable:

– Is formed of easy to make & assemble parts
– Is inspired by homely forms we are instinctively drawn to
– Satisfies basic needs for calm and privacy, tapping in to our deepest levels of capability
– Offers seclusion without isolating
– Allows high levels of mobility, flexibility-of-parts and agility of use
– Is affordable to almost any organization, from Tech Giant to Start-Up
– Is available worldwide with the ability to be installed by anyone
– Adapts easily to match a space or brand
– Works alone or fitted together in multiples
– Provides a platform for future adaptation: add+update parts/integrate technology & services

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