Sorted waste collection takes a step further. A personal recycler that is always to hand, at home or in the office, near to your desk. It’s easy being green.

NX 01 – My Personal Recycler is a true deskside recycling system in the office. People who work in offices spend a lot of time at their desks. By placing NX at each work space, waste separation is encouraged and less general waste is produced. NX helps workers recycle by providing them with a proper recycling & sorted-waste collection container right at their desk and taking recycling programs to a new level.

Made of recyclable ABS, NX features a surprising detail: its sliding lid on top of the bin hides two of the three inner compartments, in which two removable internal containers are housed. The third instant-access compartment is meant for collecting paper or clean waste. The top also features a special opening for insertion of plastics bottles and cans. Furthermore, the sliding lid has two storage trays that can be used at the same time for office utensils, etc. Available with waste sorting pictograms.

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