Nowadays tablets are an essential assistant in modern communication and will have major influence in the future. Starting with controlling of Home-Entertainment leading to a minimalistic lectern. IRIS presents tablets in a linear and design oriented Form. The idea behind the product is based on the perception that the orator does not have to hide behind a classic bulky lectern.
IRIS holds the tablet in upright and landscape format and turns in to a companion for conventions and presentation. A smart security system holds the tablet to prevent unauthorized removal. With an elegant shaped surface, IRIS holds literally it‘s „thumb“ on the tablet.
The ergonomic height positioning is easy to use and self-adjusting in any position.
The used materials and their production meet high quality standards which makes it a durable product. With the foot unit made of glass we create a steady presence. The all surfaces of the Stele can be customized for individual use.
Tablet and IRIS generate a symbiosis and appear together monolithic just like one information stele.

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