The C12-N is an all-in-one HD video conferencing device integrated with camera, microphone, speaker, decoder and mounting brackets. The device is equipped with an ultra HD 4K sensor, an ultra wide-angle lens offering 100-degree non-distortion field of view, optimized face detection algorithm, both PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) and ePTZ (digital pan/tilt/zoom) capabilities for high scalability, 4 sets of Hi-Fi microphone arrays, and built-in intelligent media encryption module. The color for the front of the device perfectly blends in with the connected display. All the ports are located in the rear to allow hassle-free cable management. The device can be easily mounted on walls or on top of the display screen to suit small business conference room’ needs. With these qualities, the C12-N provides an intuitive, robust, and reliable video conferencing experience.

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