Haworth worked with the designer Marie-Virginie Berbet to create a stand alone, “plug and play” power nap capsule for the office. In times of high pressure work and a demanding economy, CalmSpace allows individuals to refresh, relax, and reenergize to be ready for productive activities. CalmSpace has been deliberately designed far from the “zen” style since it
is targeted at professional usage, and the associated restrictions, rather than the intimacy of the domestic world. The geometric look of the capsule draws inspiration from the world of science-fiction. Its compact, multi-faceted design embodies a perfectly controlled environment best suited to physiological needs and the regenerative process.
CalmSpace integrates scientifically proven light and sound technologies
developed collaboratively by Zyken and the sleep experts: Centre du Sommeil / Hotel-Dieu, Paris. An intuitive touch screen control panel allows users to select a nap period.
The capsule is made up of double composite (PE-fiberglass) shell and
acoustic foams. The composite is resistant and durable.

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