The definition of rooms plays an important role in the large-scale architecture of today. The aim is to find a clever way to create pools of privacy and peace even in open plan spaces. The Aura sofa puts these requirements at the heart of its sensitive design. An organically opening shape gives it its identity. The high back is particularly noticeable though it flows harmoniously into the lines of the other elements. This high back has a room-defining role. Through it, the sofa becomes an aesthetic room divider that can be used in many different ways. The Aura sofa is well thought out ergonomically and is very comfortable to sit in. To increase its potential for use in interior design, the Aura concept includes inviting armchairs. Their backs are slightly lower, which gives the person sitting in them a better view of their surroundings. Grouped together, the Aura sofa and armchairs create a contemporary suite for open spaces and modern living. The appealing design form of the Aura sofa enriches any interior. It also opens up new possibilities for arranging rooms and, in doing so, creates high-quality living and working environments.

Invitingly generous

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