Functional, sturdy and elegant – a Mobile Glassboard will satisfy any needs for the office 2.0.

Due to their innovative and functional design the Mobile Glassboards offern an elegant solution for offices with style. The super sleek, dual-sided writing surface is easy to clean and provides a lot of space for your ideas – it is ideal for brainstormings, project managements and collaborations!
The boards can be moved effortlessly thanks to its smooth-running castors. This way you can use them everywhere.

Write on them or stick notes to them – the superior glass surface will not let you down. The glassboards are fitted with 4mm wide shatterproof glass, so scratches and intensive use will not pose a problem. The black steel enclosing frame offers additional protection.

Available in white, black, grey and blue, the Mobile Glasboards become an aesthestic eyeturner for meeting rooms, offices and huddle rooms. The glossy glass surface provides saturated colours in any work space.

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