The first calculator came onto the market in the 1960s. Since then, no office is complete without these compact calculating aids. The X Mark II is a successful interpretation of the classic calculator. It is very contemporary and extremely clearly laid out. The conceptual aim was to combine environmental benefits and design in a new way. The minimalist casing of the calculator is therefore made exclusively of recycled materials. The X Mark II is pleasant to handle, very slim and its harmonious lines and curved surfaces are impressive. The keypad is user friendly as the individual keys are clearly defined and are pleasant to touch. The laser-engraved control keys are made to last as the symbols do not wear off with time. The calculator is entirely solar-powered and does not require any batteries, which makes it self-sufficient in use. The elegant design language of the X Mark II is an expression of the intense deliberation on how to link ecology and design. Its minimalist design gives calculators a new aesthetic appeal.

Clearly defined

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