VARICOLOR® products are flexible tools to organise work at the office and while travelling. They facilitate work and presentations with tablets and smart phones, store and transport their charging cables and plugs together with office utensils.
The products feature an attractive design, consisting of an elegant grey body decorated with coloured lines.
The support bracket rotatable by 360º is a solid base for ergonomic work and presentation with tablet PCs. The locking key locks the tablet PC in any position, in either portrait or landscape format. The base is a practical utensil at the workplace, in meetings and for presentations.
All accessories such as charging cables, plugs, sticks and office utensils from pens to post-its can be stored reliably and transported safely inside. The removable pen tray can hold writing utensils, laser pointers and many other items.
In addition to utensils such as pens, scissors, etc, it can also hold a smart phone of any size including cables. it can be stored in desk drawers and also fits exactly into the VARICOLOR® drawer box
Completes the range and offers a place for pens and small office utensils.

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