Surrounded by fast food culture and disposable items, we aim to create a fountain pen that people want to hold for long. Top quality brass and solid wood as the material, both will oxidize, age, and gain luster gradually with unique characteristics. Each mark, each fingerprint reveals the passage of time. This fountain pen is a semi-finished item – we do the design, you and time do the rest.

The wood is adeptly integrated into the body of the pen. It feels warm, smooth and soft, also renders a sense of belonging compared to cold metal.

The center of gravity of this pen lies in the front side of the body, and moves slightly back to the wood handhold section when the cap is removed. Weighs 40g, the pen is easy to carry and can be hold long without any strain.

Timeless accessories
We made replaceable and decorative accessories on the clip to make the pen more personalized. From A to Z, you can choose your initial to make your own unique fountain pen. The time accessories are treated with special technique that can keep its color throughout the time, making a contrast against the aging brass body. We believe this is the loyal and romantic remembrance of time past.

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