The Rule Breaker is a multifunctional ruler that breaks and subverts what a normal ruler is. Magnet, the essence of the design, enables the ruler to break into two parts or integrate into one easily, which ingeniously solves the common pains in a standard ruler.

1.Draw angle easily and accurately
Magnetize together two parts of the ruler and turn into a 20cm ruler. You can easily draw an accurate angle by holding one part and rotate the other, saving at least 5 steps compared with traditional ruler.

2.Font size and line weight
The other side of the ruler is laser printed with font size and line weight references, a very useful tool for graphic designers to measure their printed cards, packaging etc.

3.Parallel ruler
Separate the ruler into two, hold one and push the other to draw an accurate parallel line.

4.Easy to carry
A small round magnet is located at end of the ruler. So when break into two parts, they can also overlap upon each other. Shorter and easier to carry everywhere.

Material and Technique
Made of aluminum alloy. The surface is anodized with laser print measurements, which will endure over time.

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