Tanto refers to a multipurpose short sword. An auxiliary sword for samurai, a self-defense tool and a daily-use knife for merchants, it was also believed to protect its owner in the spiritual realm. To bring the essence of tanto into a pen case, an instrument and a personal statement for a businessperson, the deliberate juxtaposition of opposing elements were made. The volume carved out from a lump of wood is contrasted with the extreme thinness and structural detail. The gently curved surface that accents the fine yet dynamic grain of oak wood is met with the smooth flat surface of the lid.

With the pleasant feel of the fine wood and streamlined shape, it fits your palm comfortably and a thumb can easily flip open the magnetic locking lid. Leather lining protects the pens and softens the sound. A natural paint coating offers a vibrant feel, which grows with time and is harmonious with environmental awareness. In production, our craftsmen recomposed traditional Japanese woodcraft techniques and incorporated advanced technologies while continually referring to the subtle touch of hand, eye, and intuition. Finished with supreme precision it also makes an excellent gift.

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