A ballpoint pen, suitable for everyday use, which often lacks recognition and is disposed very easily turns into a long-term personal item. Its aesthetic, minimalistic functional basic form fits perfectly into the modern digital environment. Notably, the design takes into account ecological characteristics. The use of bio-based PLA from renewable raw materials helps to preserve fossil resources. The blue lettering “Biobased” is a special design feature which brings out the pen from the anonymous mass of products and at the same time identifies the owner as an ecologically acting/conscious person. The permanent visibility of the word “Biobased” raises awareness of a green way of life and the awareness not to carelessly discard. The colored ring between its tip and barrel is an optical indication of the screw joint for the refill exchange, which is simplified by the universal fit for different refill formats. The ink color is visible on the colored logo on top of the push button.

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