Moments of genius come and go, and some are more ingenious than others. But almost all revelations have one thing in common: If you don’t write them down right away, they vanish as quickly as they appeared. That’s why it’s good to always have a notebook at hand – ideally the senseBook notebook from Holtz Office Support, because the notebook not only gives space for your thoughts but also provides a pleasant stimulus for your senses.

A notebook that caresses your senses

The cover of senseBook is made from premium cowhide and produced by hand. The light-brown colour conjures up pleasant associations, and the quality material feels warm to the touch. The practical red bookmark adds a contrasting touch and rounds off the design harmoniously. The high-quality design of the cover continues when you open up senseBook: The fine yet robust pages are coloured in an elegant cream hue and offer lots of space for ideas, notes and sketches. The senseBook notebook also offers lots of practical extras: With pages for content, page numbers and some sheets at the end of the notebook that have a perforated edge and can be easily removed, senseBook makes it possible to gather your thoughts easily and in an organised way.

Two reusable versions in three sizes

Once you have filled all the pages of senseBook, you still don’t need to throw it away. Simply take the notebook out of the cover and continue to use the cover with a new note pad. To help you find the right senseBook for your needs, the designer note pad is available in two different versions (“Flap” with a stylish tie and “Red Rubber” with an elastic) and in three sizes.

Distinguished design with a love of detail

The senseBook notebook range won over the jury for the Red Dot Award in 2013 with its elegant and detailed design. The award-winning notebook is available in small, medium and large.

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