With the senseBags by transotype, you have everything with you that you want and need for drawing, writing or painting. Markers, pens, pencils, paint brushes, erasers and much more can be found here. The senseBags are lovingly made from high-quality, natural-coloured linen or black, hard-wearing polyester fabric. Whether light or dark, the senseBags produce their own distinctive style with their red details, such as pen loops, a Velcro fastener or a zip. Choose your personal favourite senseBag, depending on the colour, the size and how many utensils you want to take with you – whether you like to throw in, roll up or place your pencils and pens.

The senseBag pencil case, round, soft and flexible, has space for everything that you need. With the senseBag roll-up pencil case, you can roll up your favourite pens, pencils and markers and carry them with you at all times. The senseBag wallets for 24, 36 or 72 markers, pens and pencils are “little cases” for a large selection of pens and pencils.

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