RUBIN VASE 3D Sticky Notes is a set which combines the Rubin’s vase and human revolution and can be transformed into three-dimensional form. Rubin’s vase is the most famous art of figure-ground illusion, which presents the different images by switching the figure and background. For instance, people can see the profile of face or a vase in one picture. We blend the profile of Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens from human evolution into Rubin vase’s concept and design a series of sticky notes with white, gray and black marble texture respectively. The unique structure of sticky notes transforms 2D into 3D’s vase. Both sides have magnet covers which can stick to each other by expanding 360°. They’re able to stick on fridge and magnetic surface to decorate your room or workspace as well. “Rubin vase 3D sticky notes” is not only an elegant decoration but also helpful office stationery. So which one do you see, face or vase?

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