Humanscale’s QuickStand Lite™ was expertly designed to make sit/stand solutions accessible to everyone. Its minimalist aesthetic complements any office environment—especially hot-desking spaces—and supports a variety of hardware. An innovative counterbalance mechanism allows users to transition from sitting to standing positions with ease and encourages more movement throughout the day. An adjustable keyboard and monitor arm platform—designed to encourage collaboration—can be adjusted to the needs of each unique user and provides exceptional stability while typing. Additional ergonomic comfort is offered through the tool’s 20-inch height range and 5.5 inches of vertical monitor adjustment. Engineered for strength, QuickStand Lite can hold single or dual monitors up to 25 pounds. The tool’s complex engineering system is hidden beneath clean lines that complement modern functionality. A built-in cable-management system keeps work surfaces clear and un-cluttered. Created to be simple functional and to stand the test of time, QuickStand Lite allows users to adopt a healthy and balanced level of activity as they work.

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