The idea of Qbook notebook came up a few years ago when our clients (Edica is the biggest book calendar producer in Poland) inquired about useful notebooks. Market demand was strong and we wanted our notebooks to be unique, practical and outstanding. After a few months of creative efforts and technical tests we were ready to introduce a new brand –Qbook. Qbook is a colorful and practical notebook for all people who take notes, draw, sketch or just scribble and for all who like sharing their jottings. Qbook’s color is spread from the cover to the edges and interior; the cover is so soft and flexible that can be rolled and put into the pocket; pages are set in a minimalist form of rectangle. Qbook notebook is based on the best quality materials and made with FSC certified paper. Qbook is available in six vivid colors and two sizes. Qbook brand for all people who express their personality with color and are open for new ideas.

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