A collection of high-quality desk accessories to keep everything at arms reach. Each item is useful alone or stackable within the next. The minimalist aesthetic is contemporary yet timeless while the wide range of lacquer-like colors are happy in an office, home, or commercial environment. Use just one color for a seamless look, or mix and match to decorate your desk like a compelling interior.

Letter Tray
For US letters and A4. Stacks vertically, stepped back, or perpendicular to another tray.

Accessory Tray
Accommodates all types of desktop items. Stacks vertically or placed at the rear of the letter tray.

Bits & Bobs Tray
Sticky notes fit in front. 2 compartments in the rear for smaller items. Stacks on itself, or perpendicularly across the Accessory Tray.

Just Bobs Tray
Same as Bits & Bobs, but no dividers and taller

Pen Cup
Has a divider to keep a variety of items upright. Use alone or stack on the Bits & Bobs Tray.

This & That Tray (in silicone)
For small items. Stacks on itself like Lego, or up to 3 fit in the accessory tray in any orientation.

Grip Grass (in silicone)
Stands pens cards and notes. 3 also fit in the accessory tray in any orientation.

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