Pallas is a tactical pen mainly designed for female as a writing and defense tool. With a Nano-Zircon Ceramic as a glass breaker embedded on the tip of the pen, the tiplooks round but full of offensive and defensive power because its hardness is merely softer than diamond. Pallas is not only able to break tempered glass and attack enemies, but also satisfies to meet users need for emergency escape and self-defense. Compared with regular tactical pens which have sharpened breakers in the market place, Pallas is more convenient to carry and no worries about scratching clothing. With four leaves clovers hollow-out and “S” shape slim body design, it not only brings a visual perception of beauty, but also suitable for hand holding. Additionally, with the Fisher Space Pen, Pallas is able to be written smoothly in any conditions even in the space with zero gravity.

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