Flip charts are a commonly found tool in most meeting rooms. Users were unsatisfied with the options that were available to them to scan and share the notes written on them after a meeting. This ‘chore’ was often delegated to one unlucky person who attended the meeting to whom it was left to take a copy of the notes (either using a smartphone camera or by retyping them in full). In the case of a camera, the images were then uploaded to a computer, retouched in Photoshop, imported into a PowerPoint presentation and sent out using DropBox. A lengthy and time-consuming process. Oxford set out to create a simple and easy way of capturing and sharing flip chart notes. The solution, Smart Charts, combines intelligent flip charts with a free mobile application. Once the sheets have been written on the meeting participants can quickly capture and share the notes using the app. Each Smart Chart sheet has a printed tag in each corner that is automatically detected by the app when it triggers the scan. The app scans each sheet, corrects the perspective and contrast and generates a lightweight multipage PDF file that can be shared by e-mail or via Evernoten OneDrive or DropBox.

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