The Noteshel is a portable Post-it note holder accompanied by a bespoke ball point pen that holds up to 90 sheets of 3″ x 5” sticky notes. The driving force behind the product was to create a unit that allowed access to a pen and writing surface within a minimal amount of time.

This unique, British designed product secures the distinctive pen to the Noteshel using small, discrete magnets, when the pen is removed to be used, its folding case can be held comfortably in the hand. The rubber wall is designed to hold the note pad securely while providing the most comfortable user experience with subtle placements of cut aways and enough flexibility to sit comfortably in your pocket.

The aesthetics are inspired by retrofuturism and the concept of how styles and technologies interact with the intension of mimicking the product’s function, to bring an older technology (post-it notes) into a contemporary /future setting.

The use of durable materials and finishes in the design of the product coupled with the ability to re-use and refill the product, gives the Noteshel a long life of usage.

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