Greatest flexibility for greatest demands. The flexible, multifunction EUROLine® Planner. A quick twist of the frame profiles and you have a new planning option-5 typical applications with one board: 1) Current annual review plus preliminary planning for January and February of next year. 2) Current monthly review with plenty of space for all important tasks and notes. 3) 2-week overview for an even more precise representation of project and planning and rostering. 4) Weekly overview for human resource and machine employment, room occupancy or schedule. 5) Task schedule, rostering or schedule for up to 14 employees. Board surface: magnet-adhering and inscribable, dry or wet-wipeable. Delivery includes: 1 board marker, dry-wipeable, 1 FineMarker, wet-wipeable, 3 coloured magnets. Size 61,5 x 94,5 cm

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