With its streamlined appearance and good ergonomics, this magnifying glass – which magnifies up to 200% – is both a helpful and an attractively designed reading aid. The rectangular lens is about the size of a credit card, a format that makes for pleasant reading – not only for an occasional attempt to decipher small print but also for day-to-day use when perusing newspapers or books. Thanks to its wide handle, which is set at a 45 degree angle and flush with the frame, the stable magnifying glass is very easy to hold and is suitable both for left-handed and right-handed users. In the classic black version, Loupe has an elegant appearance, while the light-blue, pink and orange versions have fresh appeal. Whatever the colour, the magnifying glass is an unpretentious and helpful everyday companion that does not stigmatise the user but makes life just that little bit easier. The jury for the Red Dot Award concluded: “Loupe won us over with its classic, reduced design, which characterises it as a commodity of simple beauty.”

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