If TROIKA’s most successful products (the pens in the Construction family) enter into a partnership of convenience with its most successful product group (keyrings), then the result can only be something quite unique … That was the thinking of one of TROIKA’s members of staff, who then set the ball rolling and mentally designed the new MICRO CONSTRUCTION. Using this idea the in-house TROIKA Design Werkstatt (design workshop) created the delicate ballpoint pen and keyring. This compact product (21 g!) packs quite a punch: for analogue and digital use (ballpoint pen and stylus), it includes a centimetre and inch ruler plus a slotted and Phillips screwdriver that are ideal for solving minor everyday problems. And quite by the by, the strong ring that is attached to the end of this multi-talent, makes an excellent keyring. MICRO CONSTRUCTION is available in six elegant trend colours.

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