A special statement In this age of technical advancements, writing by hand expresses a personal appreciation towards the recipient. Using a writing instrument of outstanding quality and design for this – especially in these hectic days of short-lived trends – marks such an experience as a rare moment of luxury. Lamy’s writing instruments convey this feeling of luxury every day. They have become lifestyle accessories with unique charm and, at the same time, are an expression of one’s own individual style. The LAMY imporium series of Premium Writing instruments combines attitude and style with perfect balance and an outstanding writing experience. Further complementing the brand’s range of design, its special appeal lies in the contrast between its characteristic, straight-lined body and striking cylindrical cap, representing the highest level of individuality. This all-metal series includes the fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil. The various models of writing instruments undergo elaborate manufacturing processes and are refined using top quality PVD coating and galvanisation.

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